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Binary Vortex 5.0

Binary Vortex is capable of displaying JPEG and GIF images
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Binary Vortex is a shareware newsgroup downloader for Windows. This application provides a user-friendly interface with several tabbed options that will guide us from the beginning to the end of the process. We can configure the connection to our news server, view the entire list of newsgroups available, and subscribe to all those newsgroups that we might find of interest to us. We can also download any content from the newsgroups, and use the internal image viewer to view our received images (or any other picture that we may have in our computer, including external and portable devices) as thumbnails, in full size mode, or in shrink, stretch, or default mode. It is possible to view our images as a slideshow (we can choose the time interval between one image and the next). We can filter out unwanted messages by entering a kill string, and limiting the size of the files. There is also a useful option to enable virus filter that will cause to block certain types of dangerous files. We can view the server communication messages, register the product, configure several advanced options, and view the help file. We can try the fully featured evaluation version free of charge. Binary Vortex runs under all versions of Windows.

Review summary


  • It runs under all versions of Windows
  • Free support
  • Free trial version
  • No viruses, adware, spyware


  • No uninstall option
  • Nagging window in the trial version
  • Only in English
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